nmrv nrv worm gear reducer

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What is worm reduction gearbox

What is worm reduction NMRV/NRV gearbox

 23:33 16/10/2018

A worm drive is one simple worm gear set mechanism in which a worm meshes with a worm gear. Even it is simple, there are two important elements: worm and worm gear.

The benefits of gearboxes and when to pick integrated gearmotors

The benefits of gearboxes and when to pick integrated gearmotors

 14:25 05/09/2018

Only about one-third of motor-driven motion systems use gearing, even though gearheads benefit size-constrained applications and those running at 1,000 rpm or less. Other advantages of using a gearhead with a servomotor abound.

What are the benefits of using gear motors?

What are the benefits of using gear motors?

 14:14 05/09/2018

As a leading supplier of transmission systems, Dolin offers a comprehensive range including high-performance gear motors.

Speed reducers get the shaft

Speed reducers get the shaft

 22:17 04/09/2018

The next time your drive calls for a geared speed reducer, take a look at the shaft-mounted types. They offer a compact, low cost, easy-toapply alternative to foot-mounted reducers

Checking phase sequence of 3 phase supply

Checking phase sequence of 3 phase supply

 11:33 14/08/2018

The correct phase sequence is required for the proper operation of any three phase system. It ensures that the load works as desired, when incorrect, the equipment such as the motor may malfunction, rotate in the reverse direction.

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