Low RPM AC Gear Motors

Friday - 04/12/2020 15:06

Low RPM AC Gear Motors

Many machines that we use every day include an AC motor for dependable power. However, if you are looking for a specific motor to operate your machine’s gearbox, an AC gear motor might be the best choice.
The Benefits of Using a Low RPM AC Gear Motor

An AC gear motor is a type of AC motor that is mounted to a gearbox. There are many benefits to using a Low RPM AC Gear Motor.

    They are economical. AC gear motors cost less and use less energy than other types of hydraulic motors.

    Gear motors have a long working life. Since there are no carbon brushes to wear out, AC gear motors are built to last.

    They operate quietly. AC motors have lower than normal noise during operation, making them perfect for a wide range of applications.

    They come in a broad range of sizes, speeds and torque ratings. No matter your project, there is an AC gear motor to fit your size needs, speed and torque requirements.

We offer speeds from under 1 RPM to 10,000 RPM, both English and metric style gearboxes, and our motors have up to 100,000-hour lifespans.

Efficient and Long-Lasting Power for Numerous Applications

AC gear motors are the best choice when AC power is available for a wide range of mechanical devices and machinery. Some of these applications include:

    Foodservice machines
    Ice making machines
    Chemical fluid pumps
    Lawn and garden equipment

For any machine that operates at a high-duty cycle and requires a long-lasting motor, our Low RPM AC Gear Motors and custom-built motors are sourced to fit your project needs.

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