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We have been serving our customers with our outstanding management philosophy of "First Quality, Sincere Service, and Unceasing Innovation".     We provide the following products with high quality and economical price:   - Gear Motor...

Different Usages Of Gearboxes In Different Industries

  •   30/05/2018 09:30:00 AM
  •   89
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Different Usages Of Gearboxes In Different Industries

In today’s industrial world, gearboxes play an important role in handling different industrial and mending functionalities.

5 Ways Product Quality Impacts Your Brand

  •   08/06/2018 09:16:00 PM
  •   111
  •   0

Improve your customer retention, build brand trust and boost your ROI by focusing on your product quality. Tips ahead! Quality is what a product can do for a customer.


Harsh Environment IP-66 Motors & Gearmotors

  •   17/02/2018 02:30:00 PM
  •   406
  •   0
3 Rating

Welcome to the most comprehensive and durable family of IP66-rated fractional horsepower motors and gearmotors available in the industry.

What is a worm gear motor

  •   19/06/2018 09:47:00 PM
  •   83
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What is a worm gear motor?

A worm-gear motor consists of three parts: a threaded gear formed like a screw, an interlocking toothed wheel, and a motor to drive the gear.

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